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Product Focus Mar, 29 2017

Huile moteur d’origine

Manufacturer’s Genuine Motor Oil helps protects the engine from energy loss, heat and wearing of contact surfaces caused by friction occurring in the engine. Manufacturer’s Genuine Motor Oil has five functions: lubrication, cooling, sealing, preventing corrosion and cleaning.

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Product Focus Mar, 27 2017

Filtre à huile d’origine

Engine oil filters help remove harmful particles from the oil, protecting your engine and prolonging its life. The oil and filter should be replaced according to the manufacturer’s required maintenance schedule.

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Product Focus Mar, 22 2017

Batteries Lexus Premium

Provide power to start your Lexus in any weather, year after year. The battery supplies power to the necessary components that use electricity including the starter motor and various lamps such as headlamps and stop lamps, computers, wipers, audio system and more.

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Product Focus Mar, 20 2017

Balais d’essuie-glace

All-Season Wiper Blades feature an aerodynamic steel frame and twin-rail refills for better performance. They offer exceptional strength and durability for the spring, summer and fall seasons.

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